Are You Ready to Become the Most Authentic Version of Yourself?

Did you wake up and realize there is more to life than meets the eye? Together we can explore ways to improve in every area ~ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (energetic).

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Zinah Nauthoa
Zinah NauthoaMindfulness Meditation Coach

Juliana possesses an innate gift that goes beyond just professional expertise. Her warm and compassionate personality instantly puts you at ease, making it easy to open and discuss even the most sensitive topics. From the very beginning, she established a safe and non-judgmental space where I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings. Throughout our sessions, she listened actively, provided insightful feedback, and guided me with a combination of empathy and practical advice. Her ability to connect on a personal level made each session feel like a conversation with a trusted friend. Under her guidance, I've experienced significant personal growth. I have recommended her to my friends and family.

Ally Lueallen
Ally Lueallen CEO, Root & Beam

Juliana and I have worked together for a year and a half now. She has released energetic saboteurs and hundreds of trapped emotions. I enjoy meeting with her regularly to shed emotions that are energetically holding me back. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take the next steps to emotional healing and wellness.

Services Offered

Complimentary Consultation

During this initial 30-minute session we will discuss your goals and answer any questions you have. We will discuss the areas you are looking to improve and create a plan of action.

Belief Code Session

Belief Coding works with your subconscious beliefs that are not aligned with your current goals. I teach you how to create new belief systems allowing you to live a more fulfilled and present life.

Heart-Wall Clearing

Most of us have experienced some sort of "heartache" or deep sense of loss or grief. When we are unable to process these emotions, we can build an energetic heart wall to protect heart against future pain. This wall of energy as the referred to as the "heart-wall". Releasing the heart-wall can take up to three sessions and is well worth it. Many clients experience a lightening or relief immediately.

Body Code Session

During this session I'll identify and release various imbalances trapped in the client's body that may be causing pain or holding them back from what they want to achieve in life.

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