healing photon energy

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Biophotonics is the study of how light particles create positive effects in biological systems, including the human body. Photons work on the current imbalanced vibration of a person, so the effects are felt in real-time. This applies to moods, fears/nervousness, overactive mind chatter, pain, and energy.


Through guided meditation, we will ground our energy and help to balance the yin and yang energies within us. The Large Photon Ball can be used to guide the photon energy to the root cause of the problem. Its work is deep and surgically precise.


I offer private guided meditation sessions for a donation. Soon we will offer Members Only access to our weekly meditations. We will direct the photon energy to specific areas of the body. This energy works at the cellular and DNA level and can only be accomplished with the Large Photon Ball. A person’s vibrational level automatically increases during these meditations.