Choosing Faith Over Fear

Choosing faith over fear. During the last few months, I have heard this phrase several times in books and articles I’ve read and therefore it has stuck. I heard it recently while listening to Jen Sincero’s audiobook, “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.” 

There is a choice aspect of fear. Jen Sincero says, “It’s so simple. Fear will always be there, poised and ready to wreak havoc. But we can choose whether we are going to engage with it, or turn on the lights, drown it out, and crawl past it. Drowning it out is easy, we have just been conditioned otherwise. We have made fear a habit.”

What if you woke up every day believing that you are in the right place, at the right time, engaged in the right activity and with people who have been purposefully placed along our path. I strive daily to share my gifts of empathy, compassion and focus on listening when others speak, to ask questions and think of others more than I think of myself. I’m to choose faith over fear.

faith over fear

Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero says in her December 15, 2015 blog post that, “We have the ability to choose how we perceive every single solitary moment of our lives, to choose what we believe in, to choose what we focus on, to choose what we talk about, so once you choose to let go of whatever is holding you back and instead focus on the reality that you desire to create, you begin creating it. 

It. Is. Honestly. That. Stupid. Simple. 

You may not know exactly how you’re going to make the money, find the love of your life, quit your job and start your own business, lose the weight, quit smoking, stop badmouthing your idiot neighbor….but once you agree to no longer participate in your limiting thoughts, beliefs and ‘truths’ you make space for the answers to reveal themselves.”

Worldly desires and addictions can easily take you off course from your goals. For example, the desire to be liked, the need for attention, comparison to others, and the list goes on. What I was reminded of during a recent trip to Branson is that we are all more than enough! It’s time to overcome our insecurities and have faith that whatever risk we take will turn out amazing!

Wow! What if we woke up every day and decided to be a better person today than we were yesterday? What if we chose to have faith that every situation we face will have a positive outcome, over the fear of it working out in a negative way? Why not wake up each day choosing to focus on the pure, positive, powerful and productive?