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Juliana Crawley, MAP, CECP
Emotional Wellness Coach
*photo by:
Lindsey Little Photography

I’m so grateful you are here, and it is wonderful to meet you!  My name is Juliana Crawley, and I’m available to be your Emotional Wellness Coach and friend along this journey. I’m thankful for all of my experiences, as they have brought me to this moment in time where I’m honored to share what I’ve learned.

Over the course of our lives, we accumulate “emotional baggage” that, if not addressed, can lead to physical and emotional suffering. Sometimes our relationships are negatively affected, or we build up a metaphorical wall around our hearts. I help people to move toward balance and wholeness by using a simple technique that activates the body’s natural healing response. It’s ok to ask for help when struggling, to take time for self-care, and to rest and find balance.