Unexpectedly Expecting at 40

You may think, unexpectedly expecting? How can a pregnancy be unexpected when your have been married for 15 years and you are sexually active? Well…my husband and I both had surgical procedures to prevent pregnancy after our third daughter was born. Apparently my Essure procedure (metal coils placed in both fallopian tubes that are supposed to scar over and block the egg from dropping into the uterus) performed 8 years ago that apparently didn’t work and my husband’s vasectomy performed 5 years ago also failed.

We felt our family was complete with our three healthy daughters under 5 years old at the time. That seemed like enough responsibility for us. My husband and I own our own business (he is a bankruptcy attorney at Crawley Law Firm, PA) and anyone who is self employed knows the financial ups and downs that go along with this choice. He sets his own schedule and doesn’t have a boss, but we have also taken a lot of risks and there are no guarantees of pay. We are paid last.

In August I wasn’t feeling well, so I went to the doctor for an annual check up. I said I felt ill and exhausted and honestly I thought I had some kind of serious sickness or disease, like cancer. He asked when my last cycle was and I told him and said it was due any minute. He decided to do some blood work to rule out infection and then a couple days later, told me I was pregnant.

I was in shock and disbelief. I said, “that’s not possible.” The nurse said, “well your HCG is elevated and the doctor wants you to come in for an ultrasound on Monday to see if this is a tubal pregnancy since you had the Essure procedure 8 years ago.”

It was Friday, and I cried as I told my husband I was pregnant. He laughed and said, “you’re kidding, right?” I assured him this is not something I would joke about and we processed the shock together. We called immediate friends and family so we could all process this together. He had me take an at home pregnancy test and we just stared at two bright pink lines in disbelief.

I was 12 weeks on Thursday, October 13th. At that time I have been to the doctor a couple of times and had several elective ultrasounds. The first doctor’s visit was at 4 weeks and 4 days and we found a gestational sac in my uterus and ruled out a tubal pregnancy. On my husband and my 15th wedding anniversary we went to an elective ultrasound business called Sneak A Peek where anyone can go and see the baby for a few minutes during what the owner calls a reassurance scan and we saw the heartbeat for the first time. Then I went again the next week, at 7 weeks, for same reason.

I started with nausea and vomiting around 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and it is finally started to ease up at 11 1/2 weeks, but did not end until 19 weeks. At 9 weeks I had my first OB/GYN appointment and the blood work we did all came back normal. We opted to get additional blood work called Panorama to look for chromosomal abnormalities. We did not plan to terminate the pregnancy, but we like to be as informed as possible. I got a call from the nurse a week and a half later (at 10 1/2 weeks pregnant) that the test came back all low risk and there is no need for additional testing!! She also confirmed that we are having a BOY!

I actually already knew he was a boy because I ordered an at home blood test through Sneak Peak Home Gender Test to prepare for my gender reveal party on October 1st.

I took my daughters to see our baby boy for the first time live at Sneak a Peak in Jonesboro, AR at 11 weeks and they loved it! He did not disappoint! After we woke him up, he wiggled around and stretched and was just adorable. His heart rate was 175 and he looked perfect to me; he was relaxing in there. Ha!

9 week ultrasound, sonogramI’ve been listening to myself talk to others over the last few months about unexpectedly expecting at 40 years young. Growing up, 40 sounded really old. My now 14, 12 and 9 year old daughters also tell me that it’s advanced age. At their age, I thought the same thing. I vividly remember when my mom turned 40. I decorated my grandparents house with black balloons and “Over the Hill” signs. In hindsight, that was cruel. Sorry mom! But, I was 10 years old and she did seem “old”.

But now that it’s me, and I don’t feel old. Ha! I do however feel more mature and wiser. I feel like my purpose in life is to love others where they are and to be kind to everyone. I feel a new purpose for my life. I feel stronger than I was at 30, I’m healthier, and more physically active too. I take my Juice Plus+ every day which ensures we receive 30 different fruits and vegetables in our body daily. This allows us both to thrive on nutrients we may not otherwise get on a daily basis.
ultrasound picture, profile, sonogramThe anatomy scan at 21 weeks showed a strong heart, we saw him urinate, swallow and hiccup. He is definitely a little miracle that has already forever changed the course of our lives. We love him immeasurably!!

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