Focus on What Matters

Time seems to be passing more quickly with each given year. It is already mid-November of my oldest child’s senior year. How did that happen so fast? There are so many exciting things going on and I want to be sure I’m choosing to focus on enjoying life at this moment to the best of my ability. My mom is aging and has recently started peritoneal dialysis (at home). Alex will graduate in May of 2020, Lilly was talking to me yesterday on our way home from the State Dance Competition in Hot Springs about how she only has 2 1/2 years of high school left, Maddie is a 7th grader already and Trey is 2 1/2 and recently potty trained.

focus on what matters

Seriously, how does it all go by in a flash? I remember when I was the 30-something mom with three daughters who were 7, 5, and 2. Now I’m the 40-something mom with a 17-year old, a 15-year-old, and a 12-year-old and a 2-year-old. Wowzers! That was fast. It was a decade full of laughter, tears, pain, surprise pregnancy, prayers, trips, memories, and love.

The other day I was talking to my dear friend and wellness coach, Tharwat Lovett. I said, “I hope I’m enjoying it all enough. Am I truly taking the time to soak in all the awesome that is today…right now? I want to consistently choose to focus on what matters. I know it will all change again, probably quicker than I’m ready for.”

We discussed how all we can do is wake up each morning and choose to focus on the good. Be deliberate and choose to see the positive in every situation. Choose to embrace each moment as it comes, even the difficult ones because these are the ones we learn the most from. Don’t squander precious time, but choose to show the ones we love how much we love them. Call or go visit your parents and loved ones. Reach out and take a friend to lunch. Send a sweet note to someone on your heart. We have to do all we can at this moment to show the ones we love how much we care. Tomorrow is not promised. All we have is right now.

In the last few years, I have friends who have been diagnosed with cancer, who have lost a parent suddenly and those who have stayed in relationships that hurt them on the inside for years. Friends, we have the ability to make choices to build one another up, to love each other, and to forgive ourselves and others for the pain they have caused us. But, we must also choose to let go of those who harm us. Wish them well, then move on because taking care of our mental and emotional health is just as important as our physical health.

I made excuses for not writing for too many years. I’ve had this blog for over 5 years and every time I sat down to write I would feel overcome with fear of rejection. I’d ask myself, what if no one likes what I have to say? Why would anyone read what I write because I’m not important or significant? Who cares about me or my life and thoughts? What if people judge my truth. Well, all of the above is simply self-doubt and insecurity talking. I have a gut feeling that I’m meant to write and I’m ready to be brave and vulnerable and do just that.

As long as I speak my truth and I write with these four things in mind, is what I’m saying pure, positive, powerful and productive? Coach Bob Samara teaches, that if we are in this frame of mind then it doesn’t really matter what other people think. If we are sharing our truth then all that matters are the people who we could impact in a positive way. I have so many wonderful things going on and so much love for my life and the people in it. I’m ready to share my thoughts, observations, and stories that may help just one reader. Even if they simply feel less alone. We all struggle. I feel I’m here to help others, to learn how to be the best version of myself, and to love and be loved. We are all human after-all and we can learn from one another.