Make Choices with Intention

I always have ideas of some kind floating around in my head. It’s the process of putting them on the page that takes intention and focus. It requires scheduling uninterrupted time when I’m motivated to write. It is also pushing past the vulnerable feelings as I share my thoughts with you. I’m thankful for my friend and Personal Coach, Tharwat Lovett, for reading this over before I posted. I’m blessed with loving and supportive friends to nudge me along when I need it.

I sat down last Sunday to write and I saw there was a stack of mail to open next to my home office computer’s keyboard. There was a bill, some junk mail, and a very small package with my name on it. I don’t order a lot during the year, but I do most of my holiday shopping online and LOVE IT, so I wasn’t sure what it was at first, then I remembered! I ordered this precious bracelet for myself from Cindy Sebastian at tShe believed she could so she didhe Juice Plus Regional Conference I attended in Branson, Missouri the weekend of January 22nd. What perfect timing that I would put on a bracelet that reads, “She believed she could so she did” just as I was settling into my desk with water and coffee at arm’s length to share my heart with you.

The last 12 months I’ve spent time with people who are positive and optimistic, finding more confidence, deciding what is most important in my life, and weeding out any negativity. It is clearer to me that we have to take the time to become our best selves so that we can learn to love ourselves and others better. No one can make our choices for us, we have to take care of ourselves and we are worth the effort! Two major perception shifts have taken place recently and they have changed my outlook on life.

Everything Gets an A+
Friday, January 21st, I attended my 6th IMAGE seminar in the last year and a half. At its core, Coach Bob Samara teaches us to think pure, positive, powerful and productive thoughts and about the necessity of goal setting. I recommend attending a seminar in your area if at all possible. 

Friday evening through Sunday afternoon was an inspiring Juice Plus Regional Conference. Weekends like this are energizing and filled with love and laughter with like-minded Juice Plus family. This one reiterated to me that I am in the right place, at the right time, engaged in the right activity. I’m blessed to be surrounded by such genuine people who share my mission of health education and getting more fruits and vegetables in people’s bodies. We are all similar in that we have a love for all people and we want to help them live healthier.

There was a speaker on Saturday who said, “Everything gets an A+”. I can not remember her name, but this resonated deep within me. I want to live my life like Kevin Jumper did by choosing to be positive and optimistic about any set of circumstances he faced. I’ve heard the phrase, “Take lemons and make lemonade,” but I never really knew what that meant or how to do it.

As an overachiever and perfectionist student, this phrase made complete sense to me! I’ve learned from Coach Bob that I can choose my state of mind. I can choose how I react to any given situation. In the past, I reacted out of habit and not with intention. Now I choose to find the good in all things. I’m forming new habits that enable me to stay calm and peaceful when there is chaos around me. It is definitely a work in progress, but I choose to react with intention.

Ex: Child is home ill. Reaction: This gets an A+ because now I have quality time with my girl while her body heals. I am blessed I am able to stay home with her.
Ex: Flat tire. Reaction: This gets an A+ because I can practice patience as I wait for help, or I can show myself and my family that I know how to change a flat tire.
Ex: Financial crisis. Reaction: This gets an A+ because I now appreciate what I have been blessed with and I’m more grateful for and respectful of money.

When everything gets an A+, I not only find value in the good times, but I appreciate and learn from the hard times as well. I realize that I have all I need. I understand that I am enough, exactly as I am. It would be wonderful if we all committed to choosing to look on the bright side of EVERY situation. Our responses are a choice. Choose wisely and with intention.

Bullet Holes
There was an amazing speaker throughout the weekend named Wendy Campbell. It was my first time to hear her speak and all I can say is, “WOW!” She is small but mighty on the stage sharing information and education as she pours her heart out to all listening. She’s feisty, loud and she knows how to make a lasting first impression and she has infectious energy. Wendy Campbell is at the top of the Juice Plus Company and earns over $100,000/month. She is passionate, powerful in speech and confidence and has a love for teaching others how to be successful as they share Juice Plus and inspire healthy living around the world. For decades now, she shares her love for educating about the link between nutrition and disease. The Campbell Team’s (pw: Campbellteam) motto is: Honor God; Serve People.

wendy campbell, intention, choicesWendy Campbell said that it still hurts when the people she interacts with don’t understand the power of Juice Plus and who are not interested right now. She said that even after 20 years with the company, it still hurts when she gets a no, but you learn not to care as much because you are filled up with the beauty of yourself. Wendy Campbell says, “You know the joy of literally touching today’s and future generations with hope for health, vitality and the ability to live a life of significance while building a career path of unlimited possibilities”.

Wendy Campbell shared who she is, what she is doing, and her passion. She said many wonderful things, but one thing she said spoke to me more than anything else is that all the obstacles she’s faced in her life and overcome are “gifts”. They are her bullet holes. Instead of being ashamed of them, she can show a great deal of empathy for others who may be dealing with the same issues. Because she overcame, she can let God’s light shine from the top of her head, down through her body and out of those holes and shine love directly onto others.

I too have faced many challenges growing up and even now, we all have/are! Now, instead of being ashamed of my past and choosing to feel sad that I’ve had to endure so much, I can accept them as bullet holes. My past has made me who I am today. I have learned valuable lessons from and I am proud of each one. I pray that God will shine his light through me daily as I choose to love, hug and comfort others on this journey of life.

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