Be Fearlessly Authentic

Be Fearlessly AuthenticI am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for reason. Everything from the people you come in contact with, the smiles you share with a stranger, the kind words you share with a friend, and the choices you make that are based on the experiences you have had. By being fearlessly authentic, we allow ourselves to be open to the good and the bad as it comes.

Every day we each make 1,000s of decisions. What to wear, what to buy, what to say when asked a question, what to eat, whether to laugh or cry? The list goes on and on.

In the past, I struggled with buyer’s remorse/decision remorse. I would second guess myself. Well, not anymore. I decided that making an educated decision about something and then going with it, is the better way for me.

Burning all that energy worrying or wondering if the decision you made was good or bad is just simply that: a waste of energy. It’s best to make a decision and go with it. I’m not saying that you can’t make a different decision down the road if more information or experiences lead you to change your mind. That’s fine.

I believe we all share this space together on Earth in order to learn and grow and my goal is to become better each day. Also, I feel my purpose is to educate, inspire and enrich the lives of those around me. I am intentional to be fearlessly authentic with those I meet and share a conversation with.

My friend and Pastor’s wife, Susan, who is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met in my life, told us a “secret” one day. She does not sugarcoat her challenges or the fact that life isn’t always easy. She is real and she is a truly genuine being.

She said “Life is about making mistakes, learning from them and moving forward. The secret is to allow this cycle to happen more quickly and not dwell on the mistake for long. Learn from it and move on. Do not berate yourself for the mistake.”

This gives me hope. Life is not about thinking. Life is about doing. Make a plan, put the plan into action, make changes to the plan based on the results of the action, then put the new plan into action. Be productive.

Today, I encourage you to go out today and live fearlessly authentic. Make a decision about something that you’ve been putting off. Create a plan of action that will lead to you accomplishing this goal. Take small steps of activity towards reaching your goals. Then, document your progress. Finally, watch your activity lead to you reaching your goals and CELEBRATE! You worked hard to get here!

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