Choose Gratitude

It all goes back to choice. As I worked through an hour and a half warm yoga class at Griffin Power Yoga, I listened to each new member of the 2019 Griffin Power Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program’s graduating class share a little as they taught. Each one spent time leading the other 28 people sweating on their mats. It was an intense class that has my hamstrings sore now, a couple days later. I pushed myself a little harder as it got warmer. I enjoyed it! 

Griffin Power Yoga

Maddie, my 12-year-old came with me to support, my oldest, Alex. She was one of the graduates on Sunday and has spent the last 4 months and 6 really packed weekends, finishing this 200-hour training! Alex said she’s grateful for this life-changing experience and the life long friends she made. The first three weekends were more physically intensive, while the last 3 weekends were more mentally challenging. Many have told me that Alex was extremely wise and mature for a 17-year-old senior in high school. Their leader, Courtney Griffin, told me on multiple occasions that she was impressed by my Alex.

Maddie, Juliana, Alex

While teaching, one graduate talked about how life doesn’t always turn out how we expect. That she was always looking for some person, situation, accomplishment, or place to make her happy and content with herself. She found what she was looking for all along in her yoga practice. She found a love for herself and her community there at Griffin Power Yoga. 

I was talking to Alex today about how proud I am of her. She is such a wonderful young woman. She is intelligent, gorgeous, athletic, dedicated, focused, and happy! She’s the full package! I know I sound like a bragging mom, but other people say how easy she is to work with. They tell me she is compassionate and kind and how she is level headed. She really is mature beyond her years.

Choose Happiness

Today Alex asked me how my life is going and I said, “I’m happy!” Like the instructor, I spent many years looking for something outside of myself to make me happy. I made horrible mistakes and hurt people I love and who love me, by being selfish. It has been hard work but I forgive myself for past mistakes and today I feel happy! I choose gratitude.

Yes, it would be fun to have more money to buy a lake house or a beach house. For now, we can rent those things. One day I’d like to have an RV that we can drive around the United States. But, today, at this moment, I’m happy. I choose gratitude. I have a roof over my head, clothes, food, we are all healthy, a 2.5-year-old climbing on my back as I type. I’m grateful for all of it! Every single thing that has transpired in my life has been useful in getting me to this point in my journey. Some of it was wonderful and amazing! Some were emotionally and physically painful, other experiences were life-changing and memorable and the rest of it is a blur.

It all comes down to choice. Do I choose at this moment to be grateful for all that I have or long for what I don’t have? Of course goal setting is critical but at this very moment, I choose to be happy and content. I have people in my life who love me unconditionally and I love to work hard for my family at the office and at home. The choice is yours! Choose gratitude!